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Improving Your Organization from the Inside Out


Who We Are

Since 1982, James A. Little Associates has specialized in helping organizations improve their overall effectiveness by enhancing individual and group performance and productivity.

Our proven methods result in greater internal cooperation, increased efficiency, reduced costs and an improved bottom line.

What We Do

Initially, our seasoned professionals work with clients to define improvement goals. We then develop a program to accelerate the pace of achieving those goals and tap newfound capabilities.

Experience has shown that our well established methods are consistently effective, regardless of the clients' organization, goals or resources.

Our services are tailored to meet individual needs. We seek ways to generate incremental performance improvements, expand the organizations' capabilities, and ensure benefits that continue long after the program has been completed.

We Can Bring About Change

With your vision in mind, we review your organization and develop programs that will provide value added methods and foster an environment for meaningful change.

To keep your organization moving forward in this highly competitive, global environment, we develop programs and workshops that will:

BulletBuild Teams for High Performance, Quality Improvement, and Process Excellence

"Jim Little helps groups identify both hidden and obvious barriers to achieving goals.
He helped us see things we didn't want to see or in some cases address."
- Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, Texas Tech University System

BulletDevelop Employee Empowerment, Process Ownership & Accountability

"Jim helped transform this company into a project based management system that
gets things done. Jim's "house rules" are framed in every office."
- Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, The Durham Manufacturing Company

BulletImprove Management & Leadership Excellence

"In a short period of time, Jim's approach allowed us to achieve results that were
sustainable. In a little over 12 weeks, he transformed the way the group functioned."
- Chief Operating Officer, Gaylord Hospital

BulletProvide Executive Coaching

"Jim has been a very valuable coach for me. He listens carefully to what I have to say,
asks thoughtful questions, and often provides additional perspectives that I haven't
thought about before. When I am stuck, working with Jim helps me to move forward."
- Organization Consultant and Executive Coach, Adjunct Faculty and Practicum
Advisor, American University/NTL Institute Master's Program in Organization Development

What Makes Us Different?

James A. Little Associates is committed to seeing organizations succeed. Whether developing high performance teams; taking quality, service and productivity one step further; or resolving management issues, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Our unique, collaborative approach and bottom line orientation have produced impressive results and high client satisfaction.

"Jim is a 'different type of consultant,' one who believes in unlocking and unfreezing the compiled wisdom within an organization. Now that I have worked with Jim Little, I am convinced that we, the Leadership Team at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital have all benefited from his interventions."
- President and Executive Director, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

"Jim's style is engaging and coaching. He cuts through discussions to bring focus to hard questions and then coaches the team to a direction that brings success and sustained results."
- Vice President, for University Relations and Development, Kent State University

"Jim Little helped the group step back and examine the way it functioned. He introduced new management concepts to help us focus and build efficiency and productivity within the organization."
- President and Chief Executive Officer, Gaylord Hospital


James A. Little Associates is proud of its history of giving back to the community,
by providing pro bono services to worthy organizations.

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