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Since 1982, James A. Little Associates has specialized in helping clients improve their overall effectiveness by challenging organizations to incorporate their inside experience and leadership to realize inherent opportunities. This method generates incremental performance improvements, expands the organization's capabilities and ensures benefits that continue long after the program has been completed.

James A. Little Associates develop nontraditional, highly customized programs and workshops, and utilizes tools such as action plans that breed accountability and results.

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Improving Your Organization from the Inside Out

"My approach is customized, highly participative, and based on sound management and behavioral practices. I work directly with the leadership and employees in an informal - yet challenging atmosphere. I stress the importance of setting clear expectations, paving strong communication paths and stressing accountability to achieve your vision. We help clients to think differently, embrace change and strive for continuous improvement."

James A. Little, Founder, President

"Jim is a 'different type of consultant,' one who believes in unlocking and unfreezing the compiled wisdom within an organization."

- President and Executive Director,
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

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